Tips for calibrated spins!

Good posture is the foundation for that elusive smooth, controlled Calibrated Spin. Watch this quickie for some tips. Plus, a shameless plug for my workshops at ATS® Homecoming – hope to see you then!


Tribal Illumination, July 19-20 2014 in Portland, Maine

Registration is OPEN for the Tribal Illumination weekend in Portland, Maine!

Maine is beautiful in July, and we’ll be dancing all weekend at the beautiful new location of Bright Star World Dance in Portland’s historic West End neighborhood.  We’re planning eight hours of instruction, plus a hafla in the studio, and I can’t wait to see all of my New England dancers again!

Click here to register for the whole weekend.  One-day passes will be opening up soon, assuming the weekend doesn’t sell out first.

Want to know what you’ll be getting yourself into?  Have a look.

Saturday, July 19, 11am – 1pm
Tribal Foundations for Clean Lines
Immerse yourself in the powerful-yet-fluid aesthetic of American Tribal Style® bellydance. We’ll begin with a thorough warm-up, and then dig deeply into applications of the ATS® posture and vocabulary that can be applied to any style of bellydance. Learn how to create fluid shapes rooted in vibrant stillness, and use your body and breath to project joy, gratitude, and an open, regal presence. Open to all levels of bellydancers, of any style, looking to refine posture and add strength, grace, and precision. Advanced ATS dancers will get a lot out of this workshop as well!

Saturday, July 19, 2-4pm
Tribal-Style Turns & Spins
The grounded, smooth aesthetic of ATS-style spins and turns can lend a regal air to your performance, no matter what style you call your own. Learn the subtle tricks in your feet, hips, and torso that will allow you to be solid in your footing, and create a crisp and sure landing in slow turning moves. Then, we’ll take these concepts and apply them to faster turns, including the always challenging calibrated spin! Dancers of all levels & styles are welcome.

Sunday, July 20, 11am-1pm
Musicality for ATS®
The ATS vocabulary and formations provide endless variety to meaningfully interpret your music. Learn how to listen for shapes in the music and create beautiful, elegant visuals that work musically with any song style in our repertoire. Developing your ATS musicality will not only enrich the audience’s experience, but will also result in you having much more fun dancing!
Please know the basics of the ATS level 1 vocabulary, including simple trio and quartet formations.

Sunday, July 20, 2-4pm
Dueling Duets Done Well
The elusive dueling duet: an audience favorite that is easy to learn, but challenging to master. Learn best practices to “duel” beautifully and musically, using this fun formation to keep the audience entranced! We’ll also cover simple variations to create beautiful and unique shapes, as well as the newest variations to come out of the FCBD® studio, not available on any DVD!
Please know the basics of the ATS level 1 vocabulary, including simple duet and quartet formations.

Come on out for a fun weekend not to be missed.  Portland is only two hours’ drive from the Boston area, and is served by Concord Trailways buslines, Amtrak, and an international airport.  Hotels abound, and there are lots of AirBnB options for lodging.  Can’t wait to see you all!  Register today.