Massive closet-cleaning!

Folks – I’m cleaning out the dance closet. Please buy my stuff!

UPDATE: It’s a non-smoking home, but I do have cats. I’ll do my best to clean things up for you, but clothing items are best for the non-allergic.


  • Preference will be given to local dancers or those visiting the Bay Area who can pick up (I’m looking at you, Advanced Teacher Training students). I don’t want to ship all this stuff.
  • I have loads of unlisted items (jewelry, hip shawls, miscellany) in my closet that are also up for sale — if you’re willing to arrange a time to come my house, look through my stuff and I’ll give you a deal!
  • Price includes shipping in the continental United States. Otherwise, contact me for a shipping quote.

If you would like an item:

  1. Comment on the post (here on my blog, not on Facebook) with:
    • the item(s) you’d like, and
    • whether you need it shipped or can pick it up.
  2. Remember, those willing to pick up get priority. If a local dancer expresses interest in the same item within 48 hours of an initial comment, it’ll go to them.
  3. I’ll respond to your comment via email. We can exchange payment details and shipping info (if applicable) over email.


Skirts: Skirts for sale

Pantaloons: Pantaloons for sale

Cholis: Performance cholis for sale

More coming soon as I post it — stay tuned! Thank you, and thanks for buying my stuff.



Performance cholis for sale

Mostly velvet and/or lace. Prices negotiable, especially if you buy more than one!

All are Flying Skirts size Medium unless otherwise indicated, and fit me well at a 34/36 B/C (depending on the day).

Forest Green long-sleeve velvet, $35

IMG_0463 IMG_0464


Fuschia velvet long-sleeve, $35



Fuschia velvet short sleeve drop shoulder, $35



Sheer black lace short sleeve, $30





Sheer black lace long-sleeve, $30

This one fits more like a size large.



Sheer fuschia lace 3/4 sleeve, $30

This one fits more like a size large.



2. Purple sweetheart short-sleeve velvet, $30 HOLD FOR VICTORIA

Technically it’s a Flying Skirts medium, but this fits me a little on the small side. Would be fine for a size medium or small dancer, but probably not larger than a B-cup.

IMG_0466 IMG_0467

8. Silver lace lined choli, $40 HOLD FOR VICTORIA

Like-new condition. Lined – no need for a bra on this one.

IMG_0482 IMG_0483


3. Silver drop-shoulder short-sleeve velvet, $40 SOLD

New, never danced in, though I did cut out the tag. Flying Skirts. Drop-shoulders are finished, not cut.



4. Magenta cotton short-sleeve with mirror trim, $20 SOLD



5. Magenta sheer lace short-sleeve, $30 SOLD



6. Magenta velvet short sleeve, $30 SOLD



7. White velvet short sleeve, $40 SOLD

Only worn once in performance.


12. Sheer baby pink lace short sleeve, $30 SOLD



Pantaloons for sale


1. Hot pink satin pantaloons

Made by BellyRoll. Nice heavy bridal-grade satin, with a great shine peeking out from under a skirt. Cotton yoke. Approx. 41″ long, waist stretches to 21″ flat – but there’s extra elastic so you can let out the waist if needed. $40.

IMG_0437 IMG_0438


2. Dark magenta pantaloons HOLD FOR JACQUI

Approx. length 40″, waist stretches to 19″ flat. Lightweight lining material with cotton yoke. $30.



3. Soft purple silky Debaloons HOLD FOR JACQUI

Made by D.Webb couture – these have great shine and swish, with the high-quality construction and attention to detail that characterizes Debbie’s work. Pleated onto a cotton yoke. Approx. 43″ long, waist stretches to 22″ flat, but there’s extra elastic to let the waist out if you need it. $50.

IMG_0451 IMG_0453


4. Lightweight teal pantaloons

Made with lightweight lining material. Approx. 47″ long, waist stretches to 22″ flat. $20.

IMG_0455 IMG_0456

Skirts for sale

All prices negotiable, especially if you buy more than one. More pictures available on request.

Pewter/Fuschia Spinning Skirt (New with tags)

Approx 38″ long. $100.



Magenta Spinning Skirt with Blue/Gold Band

Approx. 38-39″ long. Excellent condition. $90.



Blue Block Print

Approx. 36″ long. $70.



Green/Blue Block Print

Green and blue print on a cream background. Approx. 36-37″ long. $70.



Pink Dip-Dye

Approx. 36-37″ long. $70.



Baby Pink Padma

Approx. 36-37″ long. $70.

IMG_0417 IMG_0418


Burgundy Jaipur

This skirt has a drawstring and zipper at the waist, no elastic. Approx. 40-41″ long. $70.



11: Iridescent Forest Green / Teal Padma HOLD FOR MANDY

Never danced in. Approx 39″-40″ long. $100.



12: Orange Padma HOLD FOR VICTORIA

Approx. 36-37″ long. $80.





15: Dark Pink Padma HOLD FOR ROBIN

Approx. 36-37″ long. $70.

IMG_0420 IMG_0421

Purple Block Print SOLD

Approx 41″ long. $80.


Brick Block Print SOLD

Approx. 36-37″ long. $70.


White Padma SOLD

Approx 36-37″ long. $60.


Teal Padma with Gold Band HOLD FOR VICTORIA

Approx. 38″ long. This one might need the elastic re-threaded. $60.



Purple Jaipur SOLD

Elastic waistband, I think 15 yards at the hem unlike most Jaipurs. Approx. 36-37″ long. $70.