Massive closet-cleaning!

Folks – I’m cleaning out the dance closet. Please buy my stuff!

UPDATE: It’s a non-smoking home, but I do have cats. I’ll do my best to clean things up for you, but clothing items are best for the non-allergic.


  • Preference will be given to local dancers or those visiting the Bay Area who can pick up (I’m looking at you, Advanced Teacher Training students). I don’t want to ship all this stuff.
  • I have loads of unlisted items (jewelry, hip shawls, miscellany) in my closet that are also up for sale — if you’re willing to arrange a time to come my house, look through my stuff and I’ll give you a deal!
  • Price includes shipping in the continental United States. Otherwise, contact me for a shipping quote.

If you would like an item:

  1. Comment on the post (here on my blog, not on Facebook) with:
    • the item(s) you’d like, and
    • whether you need it shipped or can pick it up.
  2. Remember, those willing to pick up get priority. If a local dancer expresses interest in the same item within 48 hours of an initial comment, it’ll go to them.
  3. I’ll respond to your comment via email. We can exchange payment details and shipping info (if applicable) over email.


Skirts: Skirts for sale

Pantaloons: Pantaloons for sale

Cholis: Performance cholis for sale

More coming soon as I post it — stay tuned! Thank you, and thanks for buying my stuff.



12 thoughts on “Massive closet-cleaning!

  1. Hi Janet!!
    I am interested in :
    Teal padma
    Orange padma
    Silver lace lined choli ( short sleeve)
    Purple sweetheart short sleeve choli

  2. Hi Janet – Commented on the skirt page – but didn’t see it show up (so just in case) – if the Iridescent Forest Green / Teal Padma isn’t spoken for already – I would love to take it off your hands (yeah long skirts for tall dancers) – could pick it up in the bay area. 🙂

  3. Hi Janet!
    I love the white padma and purple Jaipur.
    If this comes through twice, I’m sorry. Don’t know what happened the first time I tried.

  4. Regarding unlisted items: I live in Albany, CA next to Berkeley. I am plus sized so the listed costume pieces won’t fit me, sadly. However, I am interested in accessories particularly anything steampunk-y like parasols or mini-top hat fascinators.

  5. Hey Janet – I’d love the brick block print skirt. However, I’m leaving tomorrow for a week in the White Mountains, where I’ll have extremely rare cell reception, so after the 48-hour local-dancer deadline is reached, you probably won’t hear from me till next weekend.

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