I am grateful to be able to create art with many of the studio troupes at FatChanceBellyDance®, Inc.  I am honored and so happy to perform with the founding troupe, FatChance; with the original “sister troupe,” Red Lotus Belly Dance; and with the umbrella student troupe, Blue Diamonds.  And they’re all wonderful, and I enjoy dancing with all of them, for different reasons.

But sometimes, it’s magic.

Tessera Tribal Belly Dance is the newest studio troupe to come out of the FCBD® studio, and its three members have this in common: we have all come from elsewhere to further our dance study.  I’m a FatChance Sister Studio, formerly of Maine, where I co-founded (and still co-own) Bright Star World Dance.  Jesse is also a Sister Studio, formerly of the UK, where she taught and performed as Moirai Tribal.  And Sofia came to SF from Seattle, where she danced with several troupes in the area and honed her signature, elegant style. And we love, love dancing with each other.

Photo courtesy Don Labit Design

Photo courtesy Don Labit Design

Witness tonight’s Rakkasah performance:  entirely improv.  This is what trust feels like.  This is what flow feels like.  This is what bliss feels like.

I want it to always feel this good.


2 thoughts on “The ladies of Tessera

  1. Great performance!!…I’ve shared it with my students on our page to show them what we should all be aiming for!… 🙂

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