A meditation on body love.

I’ve never been a small person, in any dimension.

I’m tall and muscular, not petite or skinny. My shoulders are broad, and I don’t fit in a lot of clothing made for women. My arms and legs are long; when I buy tailored shirts or long-sleeve cholis, sometimes they barely cover my elbows. And skinny jeans?  Forget it. They barely fit over my calves. I take up space.

Bracelets made for dancers’ upper arms? Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can wear them on my forearms.  I’m not kidding.  I’ve seen my troupemates wear the same bracelet on their biceps that I wear as a bangle.

Sometimes I find this discouraging, but this is how I’m built. I’ll never be petite.

In my non-dance life, I’ve been going to a truly wonderful gym with truly wonderful trainers and community, and I’ve been lifting heavy things and building muscle. Just this week, I deadlifted my own bodyweight (and trust me, that’s a significant number).

And this morning, despite the number on the scale, I’m grateful that I have a strong body, a reasonably flexible body.  Not all of us are so lucky.

Today, I celebrate my ability to lift heavy things, shake my shoulders and hips, wear and shimmy with two skirts with ease, build a hair garden of epic proportions and not have it look out of place. Today I celebrate that ATS® looks good on my body, just as it looks good on every other body around the world.

The hair garden of epic proportions. Backstage at TF 15.

The hair garden of epic proportions. Backstage at TF 15.

What do you celebrate about your body today?